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Holistic Creativity Coaching 



Are you excited to follow your creative instincts into new territories?

Would you like to use your artistic passion to create a healthier life?

Whether you live on the crafty side or you don’t consider yourself artsy,  I am here to support your artistic inspiration and your creative life.  I combine fun, creativity invoking activities alongside reflective wellness coaching methods to help you design and take action to create the balanced life you are destined to have.  I work with clients on many areas of wellness including stress management, creative expression, health changes, cooking with whole foods, improving communication,  and connection to self.

How can getting in touch with your artistic side help you bloom?
Schedule your FREE 20 min. consultation session to find out more.

Coaching sessions packages are flexible and can be done over the phone or via skype. Depending on your location they can often be done in person.



Each individual is naturally creative, resourceful and whole.
Michel Arloski



Arts Programming for Adults & Children

With 15+ years of experience teaching art to a variety of age groups of all sizes I create art classes and group projects to fit your needs.

– Employee Creativity for Wellness Programs
– Art & Creativity classes for individuals or groups young and old!
– Community Art Project consultations

Price varies according to size of group and projects.

If you are interested in learning more please email me at alice {@}

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