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February 4, 2016 / alice

Learning= Artistic Soul Food

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Doodles, notes and a fluffy tassel. Artwork by Brigitte McReynolds


This is a blog post I began writing a while ago but I feel remiss that I didn’t post it. So here goes. Read as you wish. Sending the love out there.

In the last few weeks I have been mentally preparing for the art & craft show circuit. Looking at my jewelry fixin’s has left me feeling utterly uninspired. Last minute I was invited to a small class at a local artists house. I was hesitant to move out of my comfort zone and devote time to something that seemed frivolous. Not to mention the class was for something I “knew” how to do,  though I had never done it before. But I signed up and committed to doing it. On the day of the class I set aside extra time to walk to the class rather than driving.

Once I got there I was enveloped into the folds of the creative spirit. The space was beautiful, a feast for the eyes! Not to mention there was the most amazing, delicious gluten free cake I have ever eaten or seen. I wish I had photographed it. It was full of fresh strawberries and a cheesecake like mousse made with yogurt. Seriously heaven.



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Feeling that lovely alive, inspired feeling has helped me reflect on the feeling of slowness and hesitation.  This slowness is a necessary part of the creative process but one that can be like quick-sand, difficult to get out of.  As the slowness lingers I begin to talk myself out of going full force into INSPIRED working mode. I find myself lethargic in forming full thoughts. Heavy footed in my movements.  This is where the excuses and negative self talk can slowly creep in.

This process of discouraged inspiration, procrastination, and self doubt doesn’t just apply to art making. This applies to LIFE as a whole. We see this in the ruts we get in, the way we forget to take care of ourselves, unhappy patterns we slip back into and the monotony that can become the day to day.  Harnessing the power of  learning is a crucial element to breaking free of the rut, of the self indulged “can’t”s, and the lack of trajectory.

This afternoon with some creative women and learning something made my powers of creation feel awake. And in general the moments I feel most inspired overlap with some kind of learning. Even if it seems totally unrelated to my art– if it is interesting it is inspiring. And inspiration is the fuel of the creative fire.

So get out there. Find something to get acquainted with, to learn about. Get a little uncomfortable. Let me know what you find.

mini tassles


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  1. Daisy / Feb 6 2016 12:11 pm

    I will, I will! I started an Ikebana class and had a similar experience!!

    • alice / Jul 27 2016 6:57 pm

      YES! How awesome.

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