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February 14, 2012 / alice

words to grow on: MYOIC ( make your own inspiration cards)

“have you pulled today?” we would sometimes say to each other.  looking for someone to conspire with, in hope, for a moment. we would pull the smooth wood bowl into the center of our breakfast nook table. looking at each other, deciding who would go first. today i start. mixing the little silver cards in the bowl, finger tips lingering on the turquoise stones and crystals in the bottom of the bowl. breathing deeply. pondering my troubles. contemplating life’s questions. i choose a card and place it face down on the table. then pull two more and put them face down alongside the first. i breathe deeply again. wondering, what words they hold. i take them in and see how they apply to my life, my day, my thoughts. i turn them over. flip. flip. flip. reading the three words slowly. ……

inspiration cards are a set of small cards filled with single word declarations to inspire plans, contest our views of ourselves and push us to become more. they have become ubiquitous in many of my circles because of their ability to create fun and meaningful rituals for an individual or for a whole slew of people. each group has their own rules and way to choose their cards. one of my favorite traditions centered around “pulling” is the utterance of the word “WOAH” (in a breath filled heavy sigh) as the cards are turned over and the words are divulged. often revealing, with ridiculous accuracy some insight into the puller’s current life situations.

whether or not you believe there is some kind of kismet at work when you pull a card out of a dish is irrelevant……. what is most powerful are the rituals created. the way a sacred space is formed for your to tune into yourself and maybe share the experience with someone else. how ever you choose to perform this ritual, you are left with a tangible reminder. the words on the cards serve as beacons of  what we are seeking to fulfill, are missing, already have or keep us on the path of living out our truths.

i know there are different inspirational decks of the cards out there for purchase.

but what if you could make your own? using your own list of words, quotes and images that you find most meaningful. so here we go…. my step by step version of How To Make Your Own Inspirations Cards or MYOIC

step 1 ~ open up a brown paper bag & paint it with gesso

step 2~ make a template for your card

Step 3~ trace the shape all over the white surface

Step 4~ choose your colors and start painting!

step 5~ fill the shape completely. you may need to retrace some at the end. its ok!

step 6~ wait for them to dry before cutting them out. i love how they look like mini paintings.

step 7~ cut them all out

step 8~ write individual words & quotes on each shape . i also added gold paint & glitter to both sides.

step 9~ choose a container. (i used this jar from anthropologie & bought some chalk to write the word on the front that i pull!)

step 10~ roll them up and put them into the container!

please don’t forget this is just a template! make adjustments to individualize this project! find a special container at a thrift store (or in your house), create different shapes card, draw your own images, choose a number of cards to make that’s significant to you. let your heart and your imagination be your guide. the sky’s the limit. happy pulling!


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  1. Kate C / Feb 14 2012 9:07 am

    How cool–and i thought MYOIC meant ‘make your own ice cream’ 😉

  2. avenues of artistry / Feb 14 2012 5:02 pm

    i could see how that would be very intriguing….. may you wanna guest post?

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