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April 2, 2012 / alice

mini painting & butterfly love

butterfly gaze

my love affair with butterflies has followed me around for as long as i can remember. and every morning in mexico i would look over the vast jungle from our porch on the 3rd floor watching all the various butterflies float and flap from tree to tree. huge black, brown, yellow & blue butterflies, who’s wings flapped slowly, rhythmically due to their enormity. small neon orange ones that were always in pairs, like they were playing tag. yellowish green ones blending into the trees and leaves hiding their flighty ways with their camouflage.

butterflies have continued to be on my mind…

i had this mini canvas sitting around and i knew i wanted to use it. i had painted it last time i had a lot of extra mixed paint laying around so it was ready to be used. i often start a new canvas or board even when i am in the middle of another project. it is so nice to have something that is ready for me to start the moment i have an idea to execute. i used a cut out image of the “blockhouse” and pasted it on the canvas. then i used water color to start blending the collage piece into the painting. then i used acrylic to finish up all other aspects of the piece.

blockhouse & butterflies

blockhouse w/ butterflies (5x5in) collage, acrylic, and watercolor on canvas.

here are a few photos from this mosaic mural that i walk by sometimes.  i hadn’t looked at it very closely before. as i was finishing this last painting i realized it was also full of butterflies….. of course!

happy monday! hope you get to see a butterfly this week. and if i may have a wish for this blog and it’s future….. i wish for many more butterfly posts.

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