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April 12, 2012 / alice

creativity (or anything else….). i swear you can do it.

i would apologize for my consistently punny and/or quirky titles- but that’s just who i am! so i can’t.  i hope you can laugh at them with me.

over the weekend i was thinking about how my life has been surrounded by art and creativity and how we are shaped by those around us. when we are young and our views are forming we SEE possibility through what others do and accomplish. the people around us encourage us to do things either with positive feed back or assure us with other actions. we learn what we are good at in the context of those around us.

so it is not wonder that i view the world with art colored glasses. artistic creativity has surrounded my life since my upbringing. just as those have been brought up in a family of musicians, or writers, or farmers or anything else. our childhood experiences shape our lives indefinitely…. no matter how much we fight it.

when working with people i shouldn’t be surprised, when they find themselves out of their comfort zone and stuck saying “i can’t do art”. it is in these moments i try to help them find their inner creative voice in whatever shape that takes on.  as i move more and more into the health and healing world, i hope to be able to find new ways of teaching others to access their inner abilities of stretching beyond what they think they can accomplish. helping them move into untouched spaces in their lives.

and as i think about my commitment to working with people whether in art or in health and wellness i  remember i am on my own journey of healing and self-care right along with them.

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