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January 17, 2013 / alice

happy anniversary, a year in review

one year


hello blog-o-sphere, friends and family,

this month marks a full year of avenues of artistry. it’s so cliche to say that you can’t believe a year has gone by….. but i am saying it. i can’t believe it’s been a whole year since i started blogging. thank you to all of you who have supported me in this endeavor. i hope you have been enjoying the info and ideas i have been sharing with you all!

in honor of this event i thought i would make a list of some of my personal fave posts of the last year.

ground close up

  • it hard to choose a recipe to highlight but i finally settled on the recipe for this pink drink.  perfect for all of you who are fighting the nasty cold going around!


car rainbow sm

angel cards


photo 2

  • when art music and emotion combine  one of the best things i’ve done in this last year was teach a really cool class about music, emotion and art (hence the title). i included a lot of the artwork of the kids and the youtube videos of the songs we listened to.


  • during my internship i was writing blog pieces for another blog…. and i really loved writing the health specific posts. below are links to two posts. they are both somewhat summer centered but they both can be applicable this time of year as well.

to find out about local produce, csa’s and farmers markets near you check out the post 5 W’s of Local Produce

this green fettuccine  recipe is full of summery flavors but can be modified for winter. skip the tomatoes and basil (summer foods) and add some wintery roasted root veggies and pepitas, which are roasted pumpkin and squash seeds. maybe i just need to post a new recipe for a wintery version of this one……


rainbow of photos and the magic of apps


any favorites of yours i’ve missed?

thanks again everyone!




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  1. Lissa'a Long Yarn / Jan 30 2013 2:45 pm

    I do love the circle of toy cars (?)! =D

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