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September 13, 2013 / alice

40 days of meditating

my consistency in writing here has been poor as of late… i am recommitting to my weekly blog posts! part of getting into the practice of writing again i will be posting daily.

how many of you followed the rom-com-esque blog 40 days of dating? they propose that it takes 40 days to set a new habit. i have heard so many different experts espouse their own personal theory (sometimes tested theory) on the number of days it takes to create a new habit. my general belief is that creating a habit is not determined by the number of days the action is done but rather in how meaningful and beneficial a habit is or can become.  for me, as school ended i have been trying to spend LESS time in front of the computer. breaking my pattern of constantly being online has meant that i have become less involved with social media and blogging.

in order to get back into the practice of blogging i will be posting about my daily meditation and include a small water color drawing or painting with each post. my friend emily also made this daily commitment with me. here is her blog.

day 1

day 1

Thursday was my first day of meditating. it was HARD to do a quiet seated meditation for 20 minutes since i haven’t been meditating with consistency. over the next 40 days i hope to develop a vocalization component to my mediation practice.  i have found that creating a ritual around the practice is extremely helpful in preparing for meditation, especially when beginning a meditation practice. whether it’s lighting a candle, putting on quiet music, sitting a specific place in your home or having a special blanket you wrap around yourself little actions help signal the start of something different and special. this helps serve as a reminder to settle your mind and your body.

today there were no great revelations or thoughts. today was just challenging. when i am starting my practice i notice how my mind resists being still and focuses on different sensations around my body. my face itches, my leg twitches, another body part cries out to be touched. sitting in my seated position my eyes narrow, barely focused on the flickering flame, breathing steadily in and out, holding on the inhale and the exhale. i recognize these sensations as my mind looking for something to grasp to. when your mind is unaccustomed to finding stillness it is always finding something to try do or think about! it is in these moments that i can really recognize how much i need to slow down and find time to recuperate my mind. to teach my mind to just be.




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