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September 16, 2013 / alice

catching up: day #3, #4, #5

here is my post to cover my experiences day 3, 4, & 5

it’s hard for me to know how much to share with you readers. i normally use this blog for what i consider “professional” reasons. but this series of posts about my meditation practices are decidedly personal.  each meditation practice has been done in relative silence. no prompts leading me into the meditation. and i think it is helpful to have some guidance to a meditation practice especially in the beginning.

i have also been thinking more about why meditation is often called a “practice”. each sitting is truly a practice in and of itself… for meditation, for life, for learning and many other things i have yet to discover.

Saturday was a fast day for me and i spent a portion of the day in services.  while in synagogue i used many of the techniques in my seated quite meditation practices. like focusing on breath, noticing other thoughts and letting them go and being present just to name a few. while in sitting in services i was able to have some of the same experiences i have while meditating.


during the last hour or so of daylight on Saturday i spent time meditating on the beach, drawing meaningful words in the sand and just feeling the world around me. i reflected on my past year, the things i am proud of, the things i can improve on and my hopes for the new year. as the sun went down on the last day of the days of awe i sat reflecting. not thinking about my grumbly belly or anything else but the gift of life. here is a sketch that i made after my Saturday beach meditation. i am planning on this being a sketch for a more detailed piece.

  day 3 1


day 4 was a break in the practice. not intentional. but an early morning, combined with being away, having a lot to do and a day ending with a house guest i wasn’t able to make it happen. i woke up on day 5 feeling ok about skipping day 4 knowing i did my best and also unsure if i should be harder on myself.

checking in with Emily she reminded me that compassion is key and suggested that i add an additional practice. with my multiple meditative practices on Saturday i felt ok. Especially since day 5 i not only meditated but practiced some of my meditative techniques in the dentist chair today. perhaps that doesn’t count when under slight sedation… but if you knew my anxiety about dental work perhaps you would agree?


day 3


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