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January 7, 2012 / alice

for love or succulents


my love of potted deserts has captured the better part of this decade. i have been endlessly made fun of for finding cuttings of succulents in every place possible and incorporating them into my gardens and watching them flourish. making these miniature landscapes is an opportunity to experiment with elements of composition, color, texture and shape with dirty hands and a green heart.

i spent the holidays in Lake Tahoe rejuvenating my tired mind, body and spirit. i relished the beautiful scenery, read a mystery novel, played games, did yoga, went hiking, spent time outside in the cool air, and cooked and then cooked some more. i wanted to send a thank you gift to my hosts. What could be better than a mini succulent garden?[slideshow]

succulents are here, there and everywhere these days. their heartiness, drought resistant beauty makes them easy plants to grow and add into your life whether or not you have a yard (or a green thumb). for me, growing these special little plants teaches me

* patience * as I watch them change and grow over time

* perseverance * as they can withstand difficult times of drought and ultimately triumph

* respect * for all things big and small (can you see how i put the baby succulents in with the big ones?)

here are some tips on starting your own succulent garden(s)

  • use soil that has a lot of  sand or small pebbles in it. this helps the water drain easily
  •  once your plants are set in the dirt- don’t water them quite yet! the roots are very delicate right now and can rot easily. let the plants rest and the roots acclimate and then water when the soil gets really dry
  •  let the soil dry between waterings
  •  1 leaf can turn into a whole plant! so, if a leaf falls off and it looks healthy? keep it in dirt!

some resources i like by DK publishing are

Cacti & Succulents (101 essential tips)
Complete Book of Cacti & Succulents by Terry Hewitt

sorry there aren’t links to these resources i didn’t want to just link you to some internet retailer, buy local!
here’s a link to help you find your local independent bookstore.


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  1. ariela najman / Jan 9 2012 11:21 pm

    You always had beautiful plants in your home! Succulents are the only plants I can keep alive… sometimes. Yikes! I need to work on my patience and respect for these babies!

  2. Wendt / Jan 18 2012 5:21 am

    beautiful presentation!!!
    I am so impressed.

  3. Kate C / Jan 23 2012 8:37 pm

    Your succulent gardens are always the best!


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