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September 13, 2012 / alice

fall is here. hear the yell.

i havent been able to shake the feeling that fall is here. i keep waiting to feel the one last day of summer to make me think i still have some time before i need to prepare for cooler weather. i do have that excited butterfly feeling, because i love fall and everything that comes with it. even if it means telling summer “see ya next year”. the song “i can tell that we’re gonna be friends” is the first song i learned on ukulele so i couldn’t help quoting it.  are you ready for fall? have you noticed the change?



inspired  by trees

i know fall is here

the light told me so and so did the wind

as it begins

to stir the drying leaves

from their branches


i say a bittersweet goodbye to summer

kissing her honey colored rays,

arms open

wrapped in knitters dreams

welcoming the change


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