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October 15, 2012 / alice


i learned the word smorgasborg one saturday mid day while my dad, brother and i were looking in the fridge for lunch. there was nothing in there to put together a cohesive meal, or perhaps my brother and i couldnt agree on what to eat. so we put out every delish leftover and morsel we had in the fridge. it made a lasting impression on me.

so i love the word smorgasborg. and it really seems to apply to my life right now.

i’ve been steeping in school work, family time and little jobs here and there. it’s been difficult for me to know what to post the last few weeks since my weeks haven’t really made space for long posts, big art pieces or much writing other than working on my thesis. i have been keeping a mini journal for a few of my classes and taking some photos here and there as well as loving a few soulful songs playing over and over.

so i thought- perfect. a smorgasborg of life. if you were to make a smorgasborg of your life of the last few weeks… what would it look like? when’s the last time you made a collage of images or words that describe how life has been? i invite you to make your own smorgasborg to share with friends or to keep as a memory.

here’s mine…. those of you who follow me on instagram may have seen some of these….

First up!

Ray Charles & Van Morrison Duet. Epic.


here are some photos i took from my brother’s vintage car on a beautiful sonoma¬† county fall day.

Old Adobe Road fields from the car

Frates and Adobe crossing. no filter. take with iphone 4s

Eva Cassidy singing one of my favorite songs EVER. her voice makes me feel like I’m flying.


here is a melding of four little images i made. they are all from a little journal i have been keeping about my Mindfull Meditation practice.

some little images from my journal

this image below, (source unknown) inspired the image above in the bottom right corner

that’s it for now. hope you enjoy these photographs, little images and songs. happy monday!

don’t hesitate to share your own thoughts, songs and images to tell the story of your life right now, you can post here or on facebook!

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