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November 7, 2012 / alice

beauty is everywhere

for those of you who follow avenues of artistry on facebook you may have seen my posting about the wonders of snail mail. i used to spend hours sending snail mail to friends abroad and family around the country. now it seems like i rarely send snail mail. so i offered people who wanted to give me their address that i would send them a piece of snail mail. of course my lovely sister in L.A. responded. this is what i sent her…

where do you find beauty?

this beautiful video on an even more beautiful piece of art at the Portland Airport reminded me to share my mini piece of art. because beauty really is everywhere if you take a moment to find it. enjoy the video and learning about this artist. thanks sarah for showing me her work!

[vimeo w=500&h=281]

if you can, watch this video in fullscreen mode. try to melt into the world under the sea ,this artist created on land.

but really….. where do you find beauty? where have you unexpectedly found beauty?

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