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October 31, 2012 / alice

fall studying and crafting

this is what my life looks like lately.

books instead of art projects. you can even see the postcard from my mexico holiday i found. i stared at it so long wishing i was warm!

i haven’t been able to prioritize a social life and i am finding company in books, article and computer.  normally i would hate this but i have been peppering homework with fun events here an there. i even took a figure drawing class!

i feel proud of how much i am enjoying the work i am doing and the way i have been organizing my time. i feel content knowing i am balancing my time well even if it means i have to put my normally busy social life on hold. to me this is an essential part of attending to the health of my whole self. part of this approach for me is to always incorporate the arts to bring joy and relaxation to my life. taking artistic short breaks in between stretches of work helps me focus and not get burnt out.

this is a sketch for a painting that i am so excited to work on. the canvas is even prepped and staring me in the case.

instead of working on this painting i have pulled my yarn out of the closet and have started making hats. lots of hats. so many i am wondering if perhaps i should join a local craft faire. i have lots of my little handi-works to sell. beaded jewelry, my special bath teas and now hats! i also am starting to make cup and reusable water bottle cozies out of yarn.

i’m not quite sure how to go about finding a craft faire to join or when i can make some time to join one….

arts and craft faire…. maybe?

i will keep my ears  and heart open! hope to make it happen!

what do you do to re-energize during busy life periods? i find it’s good to remind myself now before it gets too busy with the holidays. hope you do too!

best wishes and good thoughts to those affected my the hurricane!


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  1. l0ve0utl0ud / Nov 1 2012 11:51 pm

    Lovely photo! It’s great that you are enjoying your work and that your current rhythm has a positive effect on your health. It’s great to take a social break sometimes!

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