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September 18, 2013 / alice

day 7




i’m not sure how today is day 7 already. what i do know is that i am really beginning to look forward to my daily practice. i am thinking ahead about how i can include my meditation in the day and attempting to thwart any obstacles that may impede on my practice. aside from this rudamentary planning i am really approaching this in a “one-day-at-a-time” kind of way. not worrying about the total number of days. today at one point i was finding myself critiquing or judging one of my practices. i caught myself quickly and remembered that i didn’t need to judge myself. i felt content in my act of doing the practice. he are my mini paintings from today.

also, i pulled angel cards before my meditation and they didn’t really resonate with me. since i didn’t connect with the cards i pulled i didn’t think about them during my practice.  oddly (or not so much), after my meditation i felt more clear on why i pulled them….





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