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September 19, 2013 / alice

day 8 painting and meditation

today i had scheduled time for my seated meditation. instead i found myself deep into my painting practice. i lost all sense of time. all i could focus on was which little house, tree or piece of sidewalk i was working on. painting and art making is meditative and is thought to be one of the reasons it is so beneficial to those experiencing illness. so i had to ask myself…

does my painting count as my daily meditation? and who’s counting?

to answer this two part question  a) i have always considered making art as a type of meditation. getting lost in the experience of making and how empty my mind can be from meaningless chitter-chatter in the process of creation. and b) i am counting! i have to remember i am doing this practice for myself. and this is an exploration of what a meditation practice means to me. i am discovering how i can best spend my time to help my overall health and well-being.

here are some images of what i was working on.







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  1. Wendy Silberman / Sep 19 2013 1:46 pm

    Love to see the process and progress.
    Looks l amazing

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