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September 24, 2013 / alice

these are the days

there is a constant flow of new things to think about with a daily mediation practice and obstacles that may arise when trying to be consistent with a mediation practice or any practice really. i am someone who finds routine difficult so the need for some variation in my practice is important. some days there is music, some days i like silence, some days i prefer a guided mediation. with all of the variations i am noticing 4 things that help me slip into my practice more easily.

1) time of day. i prefer to do my mediation practice in the morning. it helps me throughout the day and it removes the feelings of “don’t forget to do….” 2) space. choose a corner of a room or where ever you have room to designated space for your practice.  when you sit there you already can begin to cultivate a sense of relaxation and awareness. this can look like whatever you want it to. 3) be prepared for the unexpected. i have been away a lot and out of my normal home routine since the beginning of this practice. i found that a small piece of something you bring with you can create a space ripe for meditation, even when you are away. a candle, a specific piece of music or a sound- anything that can help you signal to yourself “the time has begun to settle into my mediation”. 4) joy. without this it is MUCH more challenging to relinquish the nagging mind to the quite mind. for me i find joy in the rituals i have created around my meditation practice. and knowing i get to make a little water color drawing if i choose to.

all of the above does not mean that each practice goes without challenge. restlessness seems to be another theme that keeps emerging. the feeling of restlessness makes it so challenging to do my practice! for me the most helpful method of dealing with restlessness is to just notice it.  to watch it. to be with it.

sunday, day 11 was particularly restless. and i wasn’t able to sit for my normal amount of time. at one point i just was done. this was the little painting i made.


train of clouds and thoughts




after my restless practice on day 11 i was fearful of what my day 12 practice would bring. i sat down to practice and i chose a guided meditation to follow. which ended up being very helpful because it focused on just being and really letting go of “watching” your meditation. before i started my practice though i pulled these three angle cards.


do you see the connection? i did.


if you are interested in making your own angle cards you can find that tutorial here


day 13’s practice was somewhat restless. but at the end of the practice i was really able to focus and write this post!

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