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October 1, 2013 / alice

half of 40


day 15

it’s october. this is both lovely and frightening! i love fall and life in the bay area this time of year. fall really may be my favorite season. i knew it had been a few days since i last posted but it has been much longer than i expected. the weekends prove to be a more challenging time to update my blog but the weekend has also brought more flexibility to my practice.

today is day 21 and i haven’t done my meditation yet. so i will only be updating until day 20. i am so proud of my continued dedication to my meditation practice and each day has brought new challenges and gifts.

“be with what is” has been a theme of sorts through my restlessness, fidgeting and when my mind is refusing to quiet quickly. there have been many days that i spend much of my practice following thought, after thought or focusing on meditating. when i saw i could  just notice, and breathe my practice has felt much deeper.

seriously though, whatever happens at each sitting, i find myself with a much quieter mind afterwards.

are you interested in starting a meditation practice? next post i will be sharing some info about how to start your own meditation practice. please feel free to leave any comments if you are interested in asking specific questions!

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  1. Rachelle / Nov 3 2013 7:56 pm

    Love that you did a 40 day meditation challenge. I definitely would like to do more of this but have a hard time making the space for it in my life.

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