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October 21, 2013 / alice

heart vibration


H E A R T * V I B R A T I O N

the fourty days of my meditation has finished but i know my meditation practice has not. i also know that a daily practice will continue to be a part of my life. yesterday i coincidentally (or not?!)  ended my 40th day of meditation with a group meditation and intention setting. it felt like such an appropriate way to spend my 40th meditation and the end of my sunday. each participant focused on what they were letting go of with the new moon & fall and what they were bringing into this new chapter.

joy welled up inside last night as i finished the meditation,feeling pride in accomplishing my commitment. it felt wonderful.

reflecting on my 40 days there were many highlights and getting back into regular blogging was part of this. the most notable change has been my ability to priortize events/tasks and schedule a reasonable amount of activities rather than overbooking myself or setting up unreasonable expectations of myself. a feeling of evenness has settled into my life. not that there are not some high or moments of low but my time feels more even.

looking forward to continue sharing my personal and professional worlds with you!

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