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November 12, 2013 / alice

we are all artists

recognizing the artist in each and every individual is the reason i created avenues of artistry. each one of us is an artist. this reaches beyond our ability to put pen to paper, paint to canvas or shape into a block of clay. this idea, this FACT! that each one of us is an artist is multidimensional.



fact one:

our life is our art. our gifts are our art.

please do not forget that whatever it is that you excel at, that thing that you love- that is your art. your health, your wellness is your art. how you live your life is your art. every step you take every day can be part of your art.

being a great artist is how you make your art. whether it is in the beauty of an algorithm as a mathematician, the food you cook as a chef or the curriculum you plan as a teacher. ~brett cook

listening to artist and community activist brett cook this weekend reminded me that i needed to share this message with you dear readers. this is truly the reason i named this blog avenues of artistry. we each have our own art, our own avenue of sharing our art with the world. and i will pose the question to you that concluded that quote above

how do i make my life my art?


fact two:

each of us can make beautiful visual arts.  i often encounter individuals (mostly adults) who say they “can’t… X”.  that “X” is whatever project they are judging themselves on in the past and whatever they fear their inadequacy may be in the present. dissatisfaction with your abilities to express yourself visually doesn’t allow you to experience making something. creating a visual piece of art work is about more than the final product. it is about the process of making art and the experience of letting yourself translate your minds eye onto paper.  if that translation from your mind doesn’t go exactly how you planned?  try to shift that vision to see what it is that actually created rather than what your hope was. find the beauty in what did make and grow from what you did create.

i hope this post reminded you to follow your art to wherever that leads you! there is so much more to write on this topic and i know that this discussion will continue!







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  1. Wendy Silberman Penned / Nov 12 2013 12:01 pm

    This is an exceptionally amazing post!
    Eye opening, horizon widening !

    • alice / Nov 19 2013 9:20 am

      glad you enjoyed it. thank you!

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