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November 21, 2013 / alice

weathering winter

weathering winter

the seasons are shifting again! maybe you noticed some changes in your body between summer and fall? belly aches, dry skin, a desire to eat different foods, slight grumpiness or some other minor differences? with the flux of weather and sun i have noticed changes within myself. friends of mine have also remarked on some of the bodily changes they have been experiencing as of late.  with these changes in our natural world we too have to change our behavior to match the world around us. this is even important for people who live in areas that don’t experience as much seasonal shift. i also want to recognize that this California girl has a lot to learn about a REAL cold winter- but nonetheless here is a list of some ways to help our bodies, minds, and spirits feel best as we prepare for the cold- wherever you may live.


to defend against dehydration: drink a cup of (warm) water upon waking

sleeping through the night, we lose moisture while we breathe and our bodies use the water we consumed during the day to filter our blood.  so we wake up in the morning already dehydrated. by beginning the day with a glass of water we rehydrate and begin to flush out anything our bodies can’t use.

in the winter it is easy to forget to drink water because it isn’t hot out and it’s easy to find a hot beverage to drink instead.  additionally, many people sleep with a heater on or work in heated offices. heaters and even fire places are drying which aggravates our skin and mucous membrane in our sinuses, mouth and throat (and many other places). having mucous is important to our overall health and is at the forefront of virus protection. so bottoms up on those cups of warm water, room temperature water and nourishing herbal teas (steer clear from rooibos tea as it can be drying).


eat warm foods and trade cold salads for warm veggies & leafy greens


leafy green already prepped in the fridge. sorry for the plastic 🙁 i didnt have a big enough glass tupper-wear. i also reuse my bag!


now is the time of year that you may find yourself craving warm foods, soups and hearty veggies. there is a reason you are craving these foods. our bodies are feeling the effects of the cold and are in need of warm, balancing nourishment. if cold green salads are your main source of veggies try trading them for warm veggies especially leafy greens. eating warm foods will help your body stay warm during the winter months. another good rule of thumb (which i often talk about)- eat seasonally.

here is a great link to find out more about your local seasonal eats. sorry it doesn’t cover every area of the U.S. please let me know if you find something that covers more regions or other parts of the world.

what are some of your favorite warming foods? how can you start incorporating them into your week?


stock your stock


keep your freezer full of veggie broth, chicken stock or beef broth (in glass tupper-wear) whatever you prefer to make your own soup in a jiffy. defrost and add a bevy of veggies and anything else you can imagine and you’ve got an easy meal. this is especially handy in case you feel that cold coming on! you can quickly get the frozen stock out of the glass tupper-wear by running it under warm water.


nourish: oils for skin and body

spoon full of coconut oil

spoon full of coconut oil

with the cold and dry weather it is important to cook with healthy oils like ghee, pastured butter, and coconut oil. eat your flax, take your fish oil, or whatever you do to get your Omega 3’s. you can even use natural oils, like coconut, as if it’s lotion-keeping skin supple and happy.


find time for sunshine


where do you find beauty?


this time of year it can be hard to get outside. steal moments here and there  while at home or at work to take a quick walk during the day in the sunshine to warm up. find time to sit in a sunny spot outside at lunch or to read a book. make plans on the weekends to spend time outside. bundle up to take your favorite walk, go to an outdoor holiday event, or make a plan to enjoy an outdoor winter sport.


don’t give up on movement

we know participating in regular exercise is good for the mind, the body and the spirit.  but during the fall and winter you may be spending more time inside to stay warm but don’t give up on enjoying moving your body. think about what kind of activities you LIKE doing and remember what helps you feel your best. is it going to a class with a friend? a bike ride with your partner? a hike by yourself? going to the gym and sitting in the sauna after? swimming in the rain? whatever it is… dig deep, think about what you enjoy and you’re more likely to keep it up.

what are your tips to weather winter?

happy cold weather all!


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