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March 10, 2012 / alice

Smorgasborg of De-stressing

school work, art, group projects, mini trips, procuring an internship and a big trip around the corner- all afloat in my mind. truth be told i like when life is like an overstuffed armchair, almost bursting at the seams. i forgot how much i like this busy feeling. i am also noticing that i don’t feel stressed and i am enjoying everything i am doing. what makes this busy time in my life different than other busy time when life feels stressful?

flowers growing in a dresser!

this week i helped a friend create a stress management related art project for teenagers. we developed some talking points about safe space, creativity, imagination and how these topics all relate to stress management. we then developed some activities involving writing, drawing, some small group work and practicing leading a meditation.

developing this project with her i found the answer to “why do i feel less stressed right now?”. this week has been filled with a lot of work but also a lot of other personally enriching activities. i walked a lot, experienced the ocean, saw wildlife, painted, saw photos of hours old puppies, drew, met new people and brainstormed for new projects.

so here are a few things for your viewing enjoyment….  that i hope you find de-stressing.

an ocean stop motion video. the ocean makes me feel better than anything else so i wanted to replicate the experience of being at the ocean that i can have with me. this is my first time making one… it’s rough but i am still glad i got to do it!

a dog montage because i love dogs and i cant help but smile at silly dog photos.
along with an article about pet therapy

not all of the images in the slideshow are mine. if you would like sources for them I’d be happy to tell you where credit is due!

a few snap shots of the painting i am working on as well as some of my sketches.  stay tuned to see it’s completion!


angular sketch

a thought for you!

make a de-stress playlist. like the old days of mix tapes or CDs revel in creating a mix of songs for yourself (or someone else) creating the mood you want to enter into when you start to feel your stress levels rise.

please share with me or other readers what you do to de-stress.


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  1. Daisy Rose / Mar 23 2012 3:29 am

    Newfies and sketches! What could be better

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