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May 15, 2012 / alice

confessions of a bicycle baby

image copyright of avenues_of_artistry

so i guess it is time to tell the world. i don’t know how to ride a bike……

well, i didn’t until last week!

in celebration, here is the greatest bicycle song of all time…..

be forewarned. this is the original music video & has some nudity in it. but it is currently posted on youtube with a warning.


the bruises and scrapes are starting to heal. my butt is finally starting to feel more like my normal butt instead of a cowboy’s- so it’s time to keep practicing.

i’ve never felt like i could revel in bicycle art, appreciating it outwardly seemed beyond silly, hypocritical even. since, i’m not a part of bike culture and before this past week, i didn’t even know how to ride one.  truth is though, i haven’t stopped thinking about bicycles since i reached this milestone most people tackle by age 5.

so what i want to share with you all today is a collection of bicycle images of art i’ve cultivated- sharing with you dear world- shouting from the rooftops- i’ve learned to ride a bike. finally, sharing a true love of mine- bicycle art.

please comment! share your first bicycle riding experience or if you are trying to learn! i would love to hear your stories AND see your bicycle art!

the good yellow witch 


power to the ? all i know is the image, the texture and the simple complexity of it made it stand out.

Mucha, an old love of mine

antique fabric bicycle buttons

cycles gladiator wine’s breathtaking image

I found this octocycle by accident. But if you google “bicycle and octopus” you will be amazed


carved in gold

canning jar mugs. amazing! since most of our cups are jars anyway…seems like we should have these also.

birds on a bike, classic colors and images

sweet little maze i fell in love with this image!

bicycle & butterflies old timey & butterflies! one lucky find.

classic red bike. with a twist. the little print accents on the brown paper make this a unique little illustration.

skull on wheels. hee hee. found this last minute and thought- how fabulous would it be if someone had this!

again please share your bicycle stories & photos!


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  1. qatheworld / May 17 2012 8:19 am

    Hehe, great song, I’m amazed I’ve never heard it before! I am very impressed you learned to ride in a week :). I remember spending ages and ages before I mastered it as a kid! First on training wheels… then I had some impressive brakeless crashes (my early bike had brakes… the old kind where pedaling backwards acts as a brake but for some reason I didn’t apply them at the necessary times and instead crashed into things or drove off the road and wrecked in order to stop if I was going to fast, similar to my approach with roller skates). One time I managed to do a 360 degree flip on my bike and narrowly avoided landing in the creek (completely unintentional). After I learned to ride it properly I spent many delightful hours roaming the countryside and avoiding bike-hungry dogs. I don’t have a bike where I live now and I’m a little afraid to ride in the crowded city streets! Bikes are very popular here though….we even have a naked bike race like in the video :P. I imagine it would be pretty uncomfortable lol

    • avenues of artistry / May 17 2012 3:29 pm

      thank you so much for your compliments & stories! i especially appreciated the imagery of the creek and the “bike hungry dogs” in the country. and alas- bike riding in a city is terrifying and yet so many people do it. maybe i will be there one day, but not putting my bets on it.

  2. Wendy / May 20 2012 7:52 am

    Like the art work…love the rider!

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